Hyperion is a multidimensional exploration of complex movement in generative art, created entirely with code. It is inspired by the infinite resolution of motion— from atoms, to cells, to planetary maneuvers: every point in time is unique. Hyperion, too, captures this dynamic spectrum.

Opening a portal to the next chapter of what NFTs are, this collection is being created infinitely before your eyes. Each NFT combines mathematical representations of shape, color, and movement vectors, that together create art of a completely unique nature. Collectors and viewers experience the NFT in motion, rendered in any resolution.

Building a new generative art community, with perks

We're cultivating a community of artists, collectors and fans of Hyperion, and couldn't be more excited to be on Stargaze.

Holders of Hyperion NFTs will gain early access to a new generative art platform being built by the team behind Hyperion.

About the team

skymagic.eth is a generative artist, professional web3 developer, and the creator of Hyperion.

nova is a musician, web3 enthusiast, and advisor.

3CPyuki is an advisor.